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Al.Moasron Group is proud to announce that its new factory for the production of polypropylene bags for Powder products and granules products with the latest German technology developed from the oldest company in the world to manufacture bags globally.

The new technology has relied on the production of bags that have a low weight and durability and are perforated with nanotechnology that allows air to go out from small holes that are not visible to the naked eye, which increases the speed of packing the bags and increases the durability of the packing material inside the bags.

The establishment of this line in Jordan is a scientific precedent, as it is the first line in the Middle East that will start production at the beginning of next year 2021 and which will be gradually developed and increased according to the size of the market, noting that the current production capacity is about 40 million bags annually.

Al.Moasron Group of Companies has taken it upon itself to ensure quality and supply with high efficiency and under strict technical control at reasonable prices for all.

The joining of this factory to Al.Moasron Group, which includes several commercial, industrial and service activities, is a qualitative addition to an integrated of activities that are complementary to each other in the construction and building materials sector.


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